Company History

  • The company's sales team reached 24 people. The company adhered to the principle of mutual benefit and win-win, and implemented a multi-modal cooperation method on multiple platforms.
    In 2018-2019
    Societates venditionesque turmae 24 homines attigerunt.Societas adhaesit principii mutui beneficii et lucri, et methodum cooperationis multi modalis in multis suggestis implevit.
  • The company's trade department was established. Through multi-channel cooperation, the trade department has successfully entered overseas markets and gained recognition from customers.
    In 2017
    Negotiatio societatis societatis firmata est.Per multi-canalem cooperationem, oeconomus mercatus transmarinas mercatus feliciter intravit et recognitionem a clientibus obtinuit.
  • Our company developed more than 200 kinds of products and many products became hot sales.
    In 2016
    Societas nostra plus quam 200 genera productorum amplificavit et multa producta venditionesque calidae factae sunt.
  • We cooperated with many traders and the sales exceeded 50 million.
    In 2015
    Multis mercatoribus cooperavimus et venditio 50 miliones superavit.
  • The company purchased 6 automated high-speed SMT placement machines and 3 automated assembly lines to settle in the workshop. One of the product sales ranked first on taobao which is the most largest e-commerce platform.
    In 2014
    Societas 6 automated altae velocitatis SMT machinarum collocatione acquisivit et 3 lineas conventus automated ut in officina componeret.Una venditio producti primum in taobao ponebatur quod est maximum e-commercium suggestum.
  • Aromatherapy and humidification products came out. What’s more, the performance and appearance were highly praised by customers.
    In 2013
    Aromatherapia et humidificatio productorum exierunt.Quinetiam effectus speciesque a clientibus summis laudibus sunt.
  • Ultrasonic drive products were successfully developed and brought to market. In the same year, our company has OEM production capacity and can independently help customers design products.
    In MMXII
    Producta Coegi Ultrasonica feliciter evoluta sunt et ad forum adducebantur.Eodem anno, societas nostra OEM facultatem productionis habet ac independenter a clientibus productis designat.
  • The company was founded on September 24, 2010.
    In 2010
    Societas die 24 mensis Septembris anno 2010 condita est.